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Well now it's been a while since I have been last around here. And let's say, A lot has happened.

... And I noticed that some things have changed around here, And things that I often used that I can't access anymore...

So anyways, Around December, My mental health was on a decline due to various things. Potentially undergoing really bad psychosis or something on the matter. I felt like everyone hated me or was against me when that wasn't true at all, I know that yet can't shake the feeling. This caused me to purge discord servers I was in except for a few (Which btw, Wasn't the only time I did this in my absence!)

Feburary my Fiance was diagnosed with Esophagus cancer and has since went through Chemo and Radiation, She even went through surgery last week and is now Cancer Free now, Currently just recovering.

I've also had my money stolen from me and nearly lost my job too!


Yeah I think that's it for all the problems. HOWEVER, Things are much better now. There's been solutions, I've got to meet some of my online friends that I've known for nearly a decade this month and my Fiance is now cured of cancer now. Which things seems to be going up now finally and I can actually relax for once. I still miss my money though.

Also Tom Fulp,

I can't believe you deleted general forums maaaan. Listen, I don't give a shit about discord, Having a forum was a lot more special and had interactions on there that I liked and it's how I interacted with some of the NG community. It kills me man. But I guess it doesn't matter at this point smh.

Sigh... Arguably better than being on 4chan and was more fun and entertaining. But eh whatever, I'll be off elsewhere maybe something like Something Awful or other forums that I've seen springing up lately. But it won't stop me from posting or being on the site.

Anyways, There's been my absense update. I'm not dead lol.


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